Digital Pigeon – File Sharing Service, I’m getting involved :)

On May 31, 2014 by Simon Small

I’ve got some exciting news, I’ve gotten involved with an awesome Melbourne start-up, Digital Pigeon a cloud based file sharing service.

I met them through a mutual friend and after getting to know the founders, Dan and Stu, I got really fired up. Working with major clients all day is great, but sometimes things take a long time and impact of our work is months in the making, whereas a start-up is the complete opposite. After discussing some strategy, plans are drawn up, changes are made and impact is noticeable all within days.

I got involved with Digital Pigeon over many other start-ups I’ve crossed paths with because it’s a great product but more importantly the guys behind it are awesome, great to work with and have a good feeling they’ll be successful. So what is Digital Pigeon? It’s a file sharing service like DropBox, Google Drive, Hightail and the million others out there, but it’s purpose built for businesses and especially creative ones.

  • It’s super fast, thanks to some fancy tech they’ve made, 5-7x faster, which is a huge time saving when you’re trying to send GBs of files
  • It looks beautiful, putting the files/media up front and lets you fully brand your experience so it integrates into your businesses brand
  • The support is great, they personally help people, fix things and improve the service by dealing with their customers daily
  • They offer a free trial, so you can play around for 14 days
Digital Pigeon - File delivery service

Digital Pigeon – File delivery service

Digital Pigeon - Branded file delivery page

Digital Pigeon – Branded file delivery page

So if you have any ideas, needs for services like this or can help out in any way, get in touch, we’re excited and growing quickly.

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