Facebook deals, why you make me so sad?

On September 22, 2012 by Simon Small

Hi. This morning I was playing around on Facebook and a Facebook deal caught my eye, a friend had ‘claimed’ an offer, which made me think I’d check it out.

Things only went down hill from there.

Look here’s the offer, from Malaysian Airlines.

I love travel, so thought I might be able to get me some sweet flights.

Not knowing what would happen, I clicked on the link hoping to get some more info, like what flights, how much and the stuff you’d expect.

Instead (after 1 step I don’t have a screenshot for) I got an email.

This was starting to get confusing, and I was losing interest, also getting a bit peev’d. (It’s a word, don’t look it up)

 What I didn’t know is that Facebook had gracefully told the world I ‘claimed’ this offer. 

Barely, what it should’ve said is “Simon has been confused, slightly frustrated and  bored by this offer”

And now I’m even more annoyed because it’s spammed my friend’s news feeds with a lie.

In the meantime I was aimlessly clicking away to find this mysterious treasure of “The Lost Ark of the Hidden Malaysian Airlines Cheap Flights”.

But instead I got this, and it’s wrong for SO MANY REASONS.

  1. It’s not mobile friendly – mobile is massive on Facebook
  2. I’ve got to do more stuff that might, at some point the infinite future, present me with a deal that I may or may not care about
  3. Grrrrr

Then I stopped. Gave up. Got frustrated. Virtually punched iFly in the face with this blog post.

Then I deleted the spam on my Facebook timeline. And blocked iFly.

What should they have done differently?

  1. Told me upfront what the offers were, even briefly
  2. Not spammed by Facebook page (this is the standard way Facebook works, so let’s blame Facebook)
  3. Had a mobile friendly site
  4. At least given me the offers I wanted when I got to the new mobile friendly site
  5. Apologised. Personally. In the form of a living unicorn made out of chocolate

</end rant>

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