How marketers are using social media

On November 23, 2010 by Simon Small

LinkedIn third social networking site used by Marketers

What I find interesting about this study of how marketers are using social media is that over 80% are using Facebook & Twitter, followed very closely by LinkedIn at 78%. Why I’m surprised is that from my experience LinkedIn is a very difficult channel to achieve the objectives they listed in the diagram above (right). LinkedIn is mostly a place to improve your personal career, not your employers brand.

Social Bookmarking a priority over MySpace

It’s also funny how we’re all still interested in social bookmarking site but so bored of MySpace, when the ability to use Social Bookmarking sites to achieve marketing outcomes at any scale is extremely hit and miss and you can build a MySpace page, buy some media and have an effective reach of 100,000-1,000,000 in Australia. Maybe it’s because it was once so mighty and now that it’s not number one we’ve all moved on.

The full report is available here in video and PDF formats, thanks to Social Media Examiner.

How marketers are using social media

Thanks to Flowtown for turning data into pictures, again.

One Response to “How marketers are using social media”

  • Some interesting insight in this report – thanks for
    sharing. The social bookmarking stuff isnt really surprising. My
    guess is this is SEOs using social bookmarking to start the viral
    distribution of content amongst the networks they have built up –
    this strategy was very big in the UK when I was working over

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