Three reasons why FriendFeed sucks

On August 18, 2009 by Simon Small

I must preface this post with the fact that I love the concept of FriendFeed, bringing all my online world together, hence why I jumped on ages ago. Jimmy Wales also named me “more famous that scobleizer” a couple of months back thanks to a conversation I had with him on FriendFeed AND I do & will continue to use the service…

There has been SO MUCH NOISE about Facebook buying FriendFeed which makes FriendFeed seem like a fantastic service. However,  since I’ve been using it I’ve realised it’s fairly useless in a real & practical way; i.e. if I removed my account today, my life wouldn’t be any different.

So here are the three reasons why I think Friend Feed sucks:

  • It’s cluttered
    The fact that everything is in one place makes it noisy, confusing and cluttered
  • It’s soul-less
    There’s hardly any dialogue between users (or you can’t see it), which is WHY we use social media
  • It doesn’t drive traffic
    Twitter drives 20-30% of traffic to my blog & in the last 30 days Friend Feed has delivered 1 visitor

If you do like FriendFeed, tell me why & how I can use it differently to realise it’s awesomeness.

If you haven’t tried it, maybe give it a go.

Here’s my profile

And here’s FriendFeed’s biggest advocate and international nerd superstar, Scobleizer, on FriendFeed: Clearly he’s doing something I’m not.

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