RESEARCH: Australians, the recession & the environment

On August 5, 2009 by Simon Small

JWT regularly release a great piece of research called the Anxiety Index. It’s a global study that creates an index for each country in a range of particular measures. The top level measure is how nervous/anxious each country is, and Australia is feeling good – at the moment.

The key takeaways for me are

1. Austrlaian’s are currently at ease (relatively)

This could be a result of not actually having a direct noticable impact yet, i.e. losing jobs, however, we know many large companies are continuing to cut back staff. So maybe we’re happier because the impact of the GFC took longer to hit our shores?

2. We’re happier in all areas, compared to the rest of the world

Unsurprisingly the economy and cost of living are our biggest concerns, but surprisingly we’re as anxious about Military Hositlities as the rest of the world.

3. Australia’s aren’t confident about the short term

With the exception of the property market we’re very anxious about the short term (next 6 months), especially unemployment, company failures & food prices – all pretty important measures.

What does this mean to marketers? What does this means to everyone else?

We’re on our way to financial recovery, but leaders need to keep in mind that the anxiety around the short term could undermine our stability as an economy. Marketers need to continue to ensure they’ll be employing people, reducing cost of their products and aren’t going out doing something random, lavish and risky.

What do you think about the research? What does it mean to marketers?

Full research report here:

One Response to “RESEARCH: Australians, the recession & the environment”

  • I believe there is a real herd mentality when it comes to how people are feeling. The public is constantly being reminded by their government that unemployment is rising, global recessions (I’d say the majority of people wouldn’t even know what a recession actually means for them) are looming and that we are doomed. So a couple people start thinking this, becoming anxious and pass this around, like the swine flu.
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