How to raise $10,000 a day with Twitter!

On January 7, 2009 by Simon Small

Please excuse the overhyped headline, however, its all true. Today will be a profile raising day for Twitter as a potential marketing tool.

David Armano raised over $9,000 $10,000 in under 8 hrs, by posting this Tweet at approximately 2pm (Australia time).

OK, here’s the favor. It’s a big one. For big hearts. Please help. Kbo Please retweet.

By roughly 10pm (Australia time) (right now) the cash was still rolling in, up to $10,108!

But here’s the bad news, David Armano is a very well followed Twitter and highly respected blogger – no 30 second money making scheme here :(

What is does show is that Twitter, if used correctly, can be an effective marketing tool. By no means is it the $1m+/day sales that major brands need, but it can deliver outcomes.

So why did it work? Well, again, sorry to say its not a magic pill, its an approach. David Armano has been creating a credible reputation & relationships by creating quality meaningful content for a long time.

So how do you create credible reputation & relationships?

It’s a pretty simple recipe:

1 cup of good quality & relevant content

1/2 cup a day of responding to individuals

40 cups of treat people as you’d like to be treated

5 cups of observation of your community

15 cups of be in it for the long term

Some of our politicians are doing very well Obama & Malcolm Turnbull in particular.

Have a read of what some other’s thought of this campaign

UPDATE: Some more links on this topic (thanks to Scott)

9 Responses to “How to raise $10,000 a day with Twitter!”

  • Great story Simon. I give a small amount every pay to a group that some of us in our company support to help kids. This kind of direct action is very inspiring and a precursor to larger things to come. Social lending, giving on a larger scale. Why wouldn’t you support causes of people who inspire you or who you respect.

  • davidjcampbell

    You dropped the ‘b’ word already :P
    By no means is it the $1m+/day sales that major brands need

  • that’s great mate, thanks for the comment.

    Cause marketing (fundraising for a cause) is very difficult, I’ve worked with a few major brands large organisations around the country and fund raising from the public is a very very competitive space. The group you donate to is very lucky.

  • haha! Good point, I’ve made the correction :)

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