Evaluation: Seth Godin’s blog is worth $4m+

On December 21, 2008 by Simon Small

Back in September I discovered this tool, by Technorati, that calculates your blog’s value… It’s based on AOL’s purchase of Blog Inc way back in 2005, so its very theoritical, but interesting non the less.

Back then my blog was theoretically worth around $500, I was curious to see if it had changed, and it has roughly tripled to now being worth nearly $1700! woot! time to move up the coast and retire.

You can chuck your blog in and see how it fares.

I’ve compared a few of my favourite blogs below, add yours to the list.

Seth Godin $4,473,414

Love Digital $4,516.32

Adspace Pioneers $65,486

The Zeitgeists $0.00

Marketing Charts $349,450

Laurel Papworth – Social Networks $92,584

Six Pixels of Seperation $401,952

Jim’s Marketing Blog $36,130

The White Agency $2,258

14 Responses to “Evaluation: Seth Godin’s blog is worth $4m+”

  • No way is my blog worth $21,452.52

    Cool tool though, although I only think it’s useful to see if your value goes up or down and nothing more!

  • Seth Godin doesn’t allow comments on his ‘blog’. So he has articles but you are free to link from elsewhere, inflating the Technorati ranking. Something kooky about an expert in communication talking about engagement who then forces readers to create their own blog, go to Digg or somewhere else to have the discussion, no? o.O

    I used to have that embed on my site ages ago. But I liked one called BlogStocks too – anyone remember that? I think that was the name – you had a stock exchange, claimed your blog then traded in artifacts. About 2005 I think?

  • @zacmartin, I agree, I’m thinking of building a tracking tool that looks at the trends around inbound links for your blog… you can see if you’re becoming more or less relevant…

    @laurelpapworth I know, its bizarre I’ve wondered what that’s all about, he must have some logic behind it, although on the surface it seems against everything he preaches. You know what, I might ask him. Haven’t heard of BlogStocks, maybe you mean blogshares.com?

  • Word on Seth’s comments, I think he hates answering that question by now. I’ve heard him answer it a couple of times and each time to my satisfaction.

    I think the best answer I heard was an interview with Mitch Joel at TED 2008. Look it up. =)

  • Seth is banned from leaving comments on my blog due to his ‘reasons’. So he emails me. Heh. Whatever. At the end of the day, he doesnt really want to manage/engage with his community. He wants the technorati ranking of links from other sites, which he doesn’t get with comments. Whatever. Zac is satisfied, I’m not.

    But its a clever marketing ploy to get the rankings (Google, technorati etc counts links in and out, not comments). And that is what Seth does best :)

  • Wow that’s weird… not sure if I say thanks for the inclusion or not? ;-P

    I have no idea how it works though – is it not just on a Technorati ranking? (Can’t be bothered to read schema) As if your blog is $1700 and The Zeitgeists has a higher ranking surely it would be around the same if not more? :-S

  • Hey Kate, Have to agree, was pretty surprised myself, very odd.

    I’ll update it again in a week or so, see what happens with the values.

  • Hi Simon-

    -I did the thingy for Public opinion its worth just under $60,000 in contrast, <a href=”http://www.sauer-thompson.com/junforcode<junk for code is only worth around $21,000.

  • Hey Simon,

    Just plugged it in again now and it came up with roughly $6,200… I think you have to ‘be in it to win it’… e.g. you have to claim you Technorati ranking. Now all I need is a buyer. Any takers? ;-P

  • Kate, that’s more like it, enough to retire on ;)

    So after you claimed your blog on technorati the ranking was different?

    I’m in the process of making an app to graph the ‘value’ of a series of blogs over time to see trends of blogs, i.e. becoming more or less relevant… will let you know when its done.

  • jason kenny

    Just like you, I go forever with out reading RSS. My view is, if it’s important at all, It will hit my twitter stream.

  • I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work

  • that is fascinating, I was sure your blogs would be much higher, due to traffic volumes, I guess its all based on Technorati… I recommend you go to Technorati and ‘claim’ your blogs http://technorati.com/blogs/www.sauer-thompson.com

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