Corporate credibility in blogging

On December 12, 2008 by Simon Small

Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester Research has created a ‘health check’ for your corporate blog.

He covers:
1. Writing style
How you write indicates how real you can truly be

2. Topics
What does the blog talk about? does it matter to marketing –or customers? 

3. Humility
Perhaps one of the most important attributes, how human and real is this blog, or is it giving lip service? 

4. Linking behaviour
Links are the currency of the blogosphere, it indicates you respect someone else’s opinion so much that you’re willing to send them away from you. 

5. Customer inclusion
Do corporate blogs allow their customers to partake? or are they only second class citizens 

6. Dialog
Allowing for feedback can instill more trust 

7. Comment moderation
Blogs that allow for disagreeing comments are more real –and interesting. 

8. Frequency
While more isn’t always better, having a steady rhythm of content is important 

Full article here:

There’s a reference to this story by CIO magazine about Corporate Bloggers AKA “CLOGGERS”

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