Slow on the uptake…

On November 26, 2008 by Simon Small

Well, another brand who isn’t listening and their brand is being damaged… Because they’re simply not looking after their customers.

Shai Coggins had a great experience at Cafe Primo and posted a positive blog post about it… however, after the next few times she went back she posted a negative post on the experience.

Now, if you search for Cafe Primo Adelaide, the fourth listing is the negative post. They could fix this by contacting Shai and asking her how they could resolve these issues, then maybe resolve them. But atleast reaching out to Shai would help the situation… Leaving it damages their brand everytime someone searches for them in Adelaide. Funny and sad that they’re missing this opportunity.


7 Responses to “Slow on the uptake…”

  • Rebecca

    Hey Simon,

    Just discovered that they actually spell it Caffe Primo (which is a random way of spelling it.)

    Think we should be relieved that have some web presence! Maybe..

    Shai is still 3rd listing though and would be hard to miss if they Googled their own name!

  • Another Rebecca

    Big deal, you google ‘Telstra pissed off customer’ and you get a raft of bloggers saying they’re unhappy. What’s your point?

  • David Campbell

    Interesting. I heard David Spark on Jaffe Juice yesterday and he claims that responding to all negative comments is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in social media.

    His article about it here:

  • @another rebecca

    Yea, there are loads of brands doing it wrong, however, the difference with telstra is that you have to search for “telstra pissed off customer” whereas if you search for “cafe primo adelaide” you get the results… quite different.

  • Another Rebecca

    Caffe Primo only operate in South Australia, so why would you search for “Caffe Primo Adelaide”? It’s like searching “Kevin Rudd Australia”

  • @Another Rebecca, because you might want to know their city location.

    Its not brand destroying, but its something that can be easily managed and dealt with and be converted into a positive…

    We’re also not discussing the fact that Shai’s blog gets 10’s of thousands of visitors per month… and food related posts are some of the most popular

  • Haha… didn’t think this conversation will make it to anyone’s blog. :-D

    Anyway, as I mentioned to Simon, it’s not really a massive deal. But, I just find it interesting that even after publishing this post a couple of years ago (w/a recent update due to negative experiences) – it still remains to be one of my most visited reviews on the blog. I still get comments and emails based on this post. Even people airing their own negative experiences of the place.

    Does it really hurt/damage the brand when there are negative reviews of them online? Maybe – maybe not. I guess it depends on how companies would like to perceive it.

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